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AdForest - Classified Native Android App - 1

Adforest Classified Android App built-in Android Studio

Adforest Classified ads app is foremost and modern classified apps for android designed to grow your business. With our mobile classifieds app, you can manage product listing for your ad posting business. It is the best-classified apps come up with awesome handy features including Multi-Currency front end Added, Bad Word Filter, AD Expiry Limits, Ad Status, Google map integration, Location or Price base search plus the user can contact seller/buyer with massaging system and many more outstanding features that most of the mobile classifieds app doesn’t support. Just purchase Classifieds app install the plugin make the changes you want and your app is organized to use. You can upload the app with your business brand name and handle more products smoothly.

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AdForest is a premium classified android native app work with WordPress plugin and is super flexible. We build AdForest classified android native app with a lot of thought and care to make AdForest a complete classified solution. We carefully handcrafted this app with a strong focus on typography, usability, and overall user-experience. It’s very quick to set up and easy to customize. There is also a WordPress theme for it.

Demo .apk File:

Download .apk

Pages Include:

  1. Splash page
  2. Sign In/Sign Up (Social Logins as well)
  3. Ad Post
  4. Search
  5. Ad Details
  6. Profile
  7. Biding on Ads
  8. User Rating
  9. And many more excellent features

You will get several important features:

  • Bump up ad
  • User Public Profile
  • Seller Mobile No Verified
  • Push Notification With Fire Base
  • Google Analytics
  • AdMobe Integrated
  • Intelligent Advance Search
  • Multi Currency front end
  • Google map integration
  • Translation for famous Languages
  • Images Re ordering
  • Category Based Featured ads feature
  • Simple ad expiry
  • Bad Word Filter
  • Unlimited Custom Fields
  • Featured Ads
  • AD Expiry Limits
  • Free and Paid Package Admin control
  • Auto/Manuel AD Approval
  • AD Related Taxonomies
  • Stripe, PayPal, Payhere, BrainTree,, WorldPay Payment by check, Bank Transfer, Cash on Delivery payment Option
  • Mode Of Communication
  • Messaging System
  • Price Based Search
  • AD Type Based Search
  • Biding System
  • Seller Public Profile
  • Seller Rating
  • Location Based Search
  • Featured Ads Based Search
  • Title Based Search
  • Category-Based Search (Up to 4 levels)
  • Lang.Translated
  • Clean Code
  • Complete User Dashboard
  • Login and Register
  • Social Media Login and Register

Adforest WordPress theme and AdForest Android app both are separate products and you need to purchase them separately. Although if you want to use one of the themes you can use it separately.

If you purchase a Classified Android application you will get an Android application (Android Studio Project) and a WordPress back-end panel.

NOTE: Setting up the application doesn’t include in the product price. You can do the setup by yourself or can hire our technical person to do that for you but that will be a paid task. For setting up an app by yourself, you must have basic knowledge of Android.

Attention: Google Maps Service has updated its policy. Please read details over here

Update History

Change log / Updates: v 4.0.7 —— August 8th, 2023

Added :
Permission for notification on Android 13 or above
Update available
Updated libraries
Updated Billing library to latest version

Fix reload method in the app for ads section.
Edit post for address
Fix Login with OTP email issue
User must not report or block it self when logged in the app
Optimize app performance and API calls.

Change log / Updates: v 4.0.6 —— April 14th, 2023

App Api plugin issue fixed

Change log / Updates: v 4.0.5 —— April 11th, 2023

Android 13 and previous version image picker
Latest Stripe SDK
Added option to report or block users as well as ads in the public profile
Reload ads on status change
Minor fixes and improvements

Change log / Updates: v 4.0.4—— February 3rd, 2023

Android 13 supported
Image picker 13 
User consent For Terms Conditions and Privacy Policy
Braintree Added
Updated Libraries

Change log / Updates: v 4.0.3—— December 30th, 2022

Small Fix in App API plugin

Change log / Updates: v 4.0.2—— December 21st, 2022

Login with OTP Add email in the edit profile
Minor Fixes and Improvements

Change log / Updates: v 4.0.1—— December 19th, 2022

1:Category Box Issue Resolved In Plugin API 

Change log / Updates: v 4.0.0—— December 14th, 2022

Updated Libraries for performance. 
1:SoLoader Warning. 
2:Removed Braintree till the next update Due to PlayStore Policy Violation 

Change log / Updates: v 3.9.9—— November 9th, 2022

Privacy policy check on the register as per the play console  policy
minor fixes and improvements

Change log / Updates: v 3.9.8—— May 26th, 2022

  1. security for the API key(an error that comes on the play store, with the help of file, the video
   is also in the documentation of the app.)
  2. facebook login error for android 12
  3. bugs fixes and improvements.

Change log / Updates: v 3.9.7—— March 09th, 2022

1. More compatible with tablets and larger screens.
2. bug fixes and improvements.
3. Restriction of API key.
4. Google play console errors.

Change log / Updates: v 3.9.6—— February 14th, 2022

1. Support for Android 12.
2. Paystack
1. Register via OTP
2. Bug fixes and improvements

Change log / Updates: v 3.9.5—— December 22nd, 2021

Fixed the issue of Gradle while syncing.

Change log / Updates: v 3.9.4—— October 11th, 2021

Latest Admob dependency.

Ad Post addresses the field issue.

Change log / Updates: v 3.9.2—— October 7th, 2021

1- New Login and Register Screen
2- On off for OTP on login and Register
3- On off for WhatsApp on Ad Detail page

1- Sign up form
2- In app purchase.
3- Ad delete issue on status changed to sold.
4- PayPal warning on play console
5- Cardinal Braintree

Change log / Updates: v 3.9.1—— June 30th, 2021

Homepage location  design switch
OTP with auto detect country code

Login issue fixed.
Crash while messaging on ad and phone

Change log / Updates: v 3.9—— June 23rd, 2021

1. OTP Mobile Login
2. Billing library(In-App Purchase) v3.0 updated
3. PayPal & Braintree support
4. WhatsApp field in the ad detail page
5. Address Field On Add Post Optional Now
6. First Time app show the location
7. Carousel Banner on the homepage

1. Image uploading issue at some device
2. Image distortion issue fixed
3. Other minor bug fixes
4. YouTube API issue fixed

Change log / Updates: v 3.8.2—— May 19th, 2021

Fixed Location Policy Update (App Rejection)

Change log / Updates: v 3.8.1—— April 10th, 2021

Ad detail issue on message.
Ad detail issue call option.
Minor Fixes and Improvements.

Change log / Updates: v 3.7—— April 8th, 2021

Release apk issues fixed

Change log / Updates: v 3.6—— April 2nd, 2021

Integrated whizzChat

Chat issues fixed
The login screen scroll issue fixed
Design Issues Fixed

Change log / Updates: v 3.4 / Updates: v 3.5—— February 24th, 2021

Paypal Library Updated
Forgot Password issue fixed
Mapbox compulsory issue fixed
Edit Ad Post Image uploading issue fixed
NO Changes in App API Plugin

Change log / Updates: v 3.3 —— February 19th, 2021

Attachments/images feature added in chat
Android 11 Compatible
Search bar added on seller tab
The image timeout issue resolved
The hostname Verifier issue resolved
Random crashes fixed
WPML issues resolved
The last login functionality error fixed
The sorting issue resolved on advanced search resolved.
Timer issue on ad detail.
Chat profile image inverted issue resolved.
UI issues fixed
Search issues fixed

Change log / Updates: v 3.2 —— November 23th, 2020


Ad Detail page image viewer
Picasso issues
The retrofit issue on android 11
Image upload issue in android 11
Ad Detail page images slider issue. 
Ad Detail checks.
Related ads on the new homepage.

Change log / Updates: v 3.1 —— November 7th, 2020

1). Ad detail top bar icons in a user profile.
2). Notification to messages issue.

1). New layout for loading.
2). Contact With admin option for verification.
3). Resend the email for verification.

Change log / Updates: v 3.0.0 —— October 27th, 2020

1: Added 2 new homepages along with the style of the ad for the ads view on home pages.
2: Added location ads and new design for new home pages.
3: Added a new ad detail page.
4: Added option to switch between mailbox and google places for nearby search and advanced search.
5: Added new social login icons on login and register.
6: Added sub-categories on new home screens.
7: Added show password on the login screen.
8: Added contact with the seller on ad detail

1: Fixed block user issue in messages.
2: Fixed Ad Post field duplication issue on category template.
3: Fixed top location issue in WPML.
4: Fixed ad post image library issue.

Change log / Updates: v 2.4.1 —— August 18th, 2020

Fix in adforest-rest-api plugin Ads go to trash/expired.
*No change on project files

Change log / Updates: v 2.4.0 —— August 13th, 2020


1- Fixed background notification and chat.
2- Fixed ad post issue of AdMob.
3- Fixed my ad,s load more issues.


1- Added Option To subscriber mail-chimp list while new user registration.

Change log / Updates: v 2.3.9 —— July 20th, 2020


Improve speed and reduce bundle size.

Added fix for the time issue in messages
Email to Author on rating dual heading fixed.
wpml Arabic issue fixed in-app.
Location change blog issue
Redux plugin issue.
Ad rating emojis check on or off
Payment blog ad detail web view direction issue fixed  in RTL
Remove the google field from the profile section
Fixed android radio buttons issue in adopts form Android app
Move the home screen style option to the home screen tab
Email verification filter conflict theme.
Dual email on ad activate
Featured first sorting issue.

Added LinkedIn profile while login

Change log / Updates: v 2.3.7 —— May 4th, 2020

1). Fixed the ad, s search result issue
2). Minor bugs and fixes. 

Change log / Updates: v 2.3.6 —— May 2nd, 2020


1:Home screen style.
2:Login with LinkedIn.

1: PayStack has been removed. (
2: Bugs Fixes and Improvements.

Change log / Updates: v 2.3.5 —— January 30th, 2020


1: Adpost Sub cat issue when disabling all locations or cats from the WP admin panel.
2: Admin unlimited images
3: Sorting of price type on the search section
4: Fixed location change ads in the profile.

1: Most Visited Ads
2: Images required in Adpost default.
3: Sale on packages.

Change log / Updates: v 2.3.4 —— December 27th, 2019

New payment methods implemented
1) Paystack
2) Pay here
3) Braintree
5) WorldPay
6) All locations filter added.

1) Double-tap to exit the issue.
2) Fixed image uploading on Android Q.
3) Category-based bidding issue fixed

Change log / Updates: v 2.3.3 —— November 20th, 2019


1-Add limit of ad posts in the title of the ad in apps.
2-Package Updated. 
=> Restrict video Url.
=> Restrict Bidding.
=> Restrict ad Images.
=> Category-wise Pricing.
3- Block unBlock Users for messaging. 
4- Category wise bidding.
5- => Header Top Location.
    =>Set a Site location that restricts your all ads to that location.
6- Rejected Ads Tabs in Profile.
7- Auto Expired Ads Removal.
8- Disable the Selective Payments method for Auto approval.
9- Display only categories/locations which have ads on the search page.
10- Ads Rating Emojies on Ad detail. 
11- Advanced search added in the home.
12- Top location also added the in-home search section. 
13- Interstitial timer removal.
14- MapBox integration in ad post.
15- Added Expired/Sold ads tab.
16- The phone number does not verify the not allowed ad post.
17- Switch between simple and advanced searches at home.

1- Fixed edit profile (delete account FB login button issue).
2- Products translation added. 
3- WPML buttons Strings Translation added.
4- Categories button translation fixed.
5- Select option price translation fixed. 

Change log / Updates: v 2.3.1 —— July 26th, 2019


1- Advanced search Range bar issue solved.
2- Custom menu title for WPMl.
3- Package name issue resolved.

Change log / Updates: v 2.3.0 —— July 17th, 2019


1- WPML Compatibility.
2- Owner Text Field that shows after the ad description on the ad detail page.
3- Latest FB SDK.
4- Latest Admob.
5- Latest Firebase.
6- Nearby Search also in Miles.
7- Email template to bid winner.
8- Ad Post Button for guest users.
9- Terms & Conditions checkbox field while posting.
10- Ad Rejection email template to ad author.
11- Email template before ads package expiry. 
12- Select the price option while posting. 


1- Featured Ads recycler view data on an update.
2- Bidding close notification.
3- Facebook and Google branding Fixed.

Change log / Updates: v 2.2.0 —— April 19th, 2019

1- Filter regions and cities added 
2- Website URL view link fixed
3- Fixed header home search issue.
4- Fixed location filter in Ad post.
5- Addresses and regions fixed for places API.
6- Fix the woo-commerce issue.

Change log / Updates: v 2.2.0 —— March 4th, 2019

1.  - Added Radio color in advance search.
2.  - Checkboxes in advance search.
3.  - Advance Checkboxes in advance search.
4.  - Added Range slider (min and max) in advance search.
5.  - Added Radio button in advance search.
6.  - Added Date Field (Start and end)  in advance search.
7.     - Added Radio color in Adpost.
8.  - Added Date field in Adpost (Single).
9.  - Added  Advanced Checkboxes in Adpost.
10. - Added Range in Ad post.
11. - Place API issue fixed.
12. - Latest Android version support issue fix. 
13. - Blog YouTube video issue fixed.
14. - Verification Code issue fix.
15. - Home search icon color issue fix.
16. - Some minor fixes

Change log / Updates: v 2.0.4 ——November 26th, 2018

* Top banner Admob in edit ad Fix
* RTL issue when broadcast notification click Fix
* Edit ad duplicate fields issue Fix 
* Ad's image improvement 
* Top bar search Fix
* Date time Dialog Fix
* RTL Fix
* Translation strings fixes and .pot file updated. 

Change log / Updates: v 2.0.3 ——November 14th, 2018

* Facebook button round corner issue fixed
* NearBy issue Fixed
* Banner ads improved 
* No change in API plugin.

Change log / Updates: v 2.0.2 ——November 12th, 2018

* Fix required fields issue if categories change. 
* Nearby issue Fix
* Image uploading RTL Fix
* Home Search RTL Fix 
* View All Categories RTL Fix
* Bottom AdMob issue Fix
* Fix issues in App API Plugin.

Change log / Updates: v 2.0.1 ——October 18th, 2018

    * Fix API Issues

Change log / Updates: v 2.0.0 ——October 18th, 2018

    * View all Categories with Search Filer
    * View all locations with Search Filer
    * Add new setting menu
    * Add Feedback option in setting screen
    * Add Seller Page
    * Add Shop Option in App (web-view)
    * Ad Detail link in Chat Screen
    * Show only ads in Offers on Ads that contain chat
    * Ad owner can not request for Report Ad
    * During Image Uploading you can fill ad post-Data (Image Uploading on Background)
    * Long Press to Drag Images while AdPost or Edit Post
    * Edit Ad Option available on the ad detail page
    * Add Dynamic pages icon from WordPress

    * Home page Search button color fix 
    * Near By issue fixed
    * Search issue Fixed if go from Home 
    * Range Price search issue fixed
    * Image issue is resolved 

Change log / Updates: v 1.9.2 ——September 17th, 2018


1- Facebook login issue fixed above 8.0  
2- Search issue fixed (If go to search from Home App crashed issue fixed)
3- Fix the ad owner display name on the ad details page. 

Change log / Updates: v 1.9.1 ——September 5th, 2018


1- Minor bug fixes 
2- Home Slider ads issue was fixed  (in API plugin)

Change log / Updates: v 1.9.0 ——August 31th, 2018


1- Notification issue a fix for above 8.0 versions
2- Profile picture and AsPost image rotation issue fix 
3- Banner and interstitial ads issue fixed
4- Feature slider issue fixed
5- Hide field issue fixed
6- Multiple images issue resolved
7- YouTube Video issue fixed
8- Bid timer issue fixed
9- Get the Direction button on the ad details issue fixed

1- Add date and URL fields in AdPost
2- Ad new Search section on Home Screen
3- Add date field in Advance Search
4- Add run time Permissions
5- New Gallery feature for Multiple images
6- Pull Down to refresh

Change log / Updates: v 1.8.1 ——July 5th, 2018

1- Push notification issue fixed 
2- Forgot password layout logo fix 
3- Verify account layout logo fix 
4- Some minor fixes and API Plugin Updated

Change log / Updates: v 1.8.0 ——June 26th, 2018

1- In app purchases  (New Feature)
2- Banner and interstitial ads (Fix issue)
3- Registration social button issue fix 
4- PayPal issue fixed 
5- Some other small fixes  

Change log / Updates: v 1.7.0 ——June 4th, 2018

1- Block user (this will block all ads of a specific users)
2- Previous Fixes
3- Notification issue fixed
4- Delete account issue fixed
5- Hide social buttons on the register screen (Issue fixed)
6- Fix the log in issue when email confirmation is on 
7- Chat issue, upload images on post ad, and Post Ad issue is resolved 
8- Profile images issue fixed

Change log / Updates: v 1.6.5 ——May 22nd, 2018

1- General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Compliance
2- Delete profile button option to delete account. (Admin has the option to allow or not).
3- Small bug fixes
4- Ad terms and Conditions link on the register page.
5- Ad Post Bid timer fix  and Push Notification Issue Fix

Change log / Updates: v 1.6.2 ——May 8th, 2018

1- The fixes are only in the plugin. There aren't any changes in Android Project. 

Change log / Updates: v 1.6.0 ——May 5th, 2018

1- Biding Timer On Ads
2- Get the current location from a button in Edit and Add a post
3- App rating 
4- App share
5- Blog Section  on Home Screen 
6- Banner and Interstitial Ads both at the same time 
7- Show message count in the Sidebar message count 
8- Change the Message Layout if you have not seen the message
• Change color 
• Add bell icon
9- Add radius search in Advance search 
10- Menu show hides option 
• Packages
• Blog
• Message
11- Restrict country in auto search
• Ad Post 
• Edit Post
• Profile
• Advanced Search

Change log / Updates: v 1.5.0 ——February 19th, 2018

1). Push Notification Broadcasting 
2). APP open for Guest 
3). Feature Ad Auto-Scroll 
4). Ad More Payment Types. Paypal, Payment by check, Bank Transfer, Cash on Delivery 
5). Fix (Ad Post issue when there is 0 ad ) 
6). Home page customization 
7). Add a new feature on the home page. Ads nearby you, Latest Ads, Location Icons
<img src="/images/smileys/cool.png" alt="8)" title="8)" />. Rating and Reviews on ad

Change log / Updates: v 1.4.0 ——January 17th, 2018

1). Shift Network Library from AsyncHttpClient to Retrofit 
2). Public profile 
3). Social Icons 
4). Featured Ads on Home Page 
5). Full-Screen Image on Ad Details 
6). Phone Verification from Profile 
7). Feature Ad option while posting new Ad 
<img src="/images/smileys/cool.png" alt="8)" title="8)" />. Feature Ad and Bump Ad option While Update Existing Ad
9). Make it Compatible With 4.2 to the latest 

Change log / Updates: v 1.3.0 ——December 20th, 2017

1)- Added Youtube Video On Ad Description
2)- Added Country/State/City
3)-  Fix Ad Post Process
4)-  Fix Advance Search
5)-  Fix Map Issue On Ad Post
6)-  Fix Price Type Issue On Ad Post
7)- Some Other Small Fixes

Change log / Updates: v 1.2.0 ——December 9th, 2017

1)-  Added Admob
2)-  Analytics
3)-  Added Firebase Notifications
4)-  Some Important Fixes and Other Updates 

Change log / Updates: v 1.1.0 ——November 30th, 2017

1)-  Fix issues on HTTPS

Change log / Updates: v 1.0.1 ——November 21th, 2017

1)-  Fix the Plugin Activation Issue

Note: We are not providing support for any kind of adult website. If you want to buy then you can proceed but do not expect support for illegal or Adult Websites. Thanks

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