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Document Management is a self-hosted web-based document management system designed to help organizations store,
track, modify, and manage
documents on a centralized platform. Features include document sharing, reminders, user
management, bulk permissions, document download, document preview, send document email, document audit tracking

It’s stored all the documents in encrypted form on server.
It allows you to upload multiple documents and share with unlimited system users.
It also allows you to share documents with specific period and allow download option.

Admin User
User Name: [email protected]
Password: admin@123

Employee User
User Name: [email protected]
Password: employee@123

Manage Documents
Upload Documents
Document Access Control
Full Source Code
security feature
Audit Trails
Send Email
Document Preview
Automate Reminder
Encrypted Document
Real time Notification

Support Multiple Language
Access Management
User Management


  • Manage Documents: You can Store unlimited documents by category or sub category.
  • Upload Documents:You can Upload PDF, Docs, Excel, PPT, audio, video, all type of images,
    and CSV Documents.
  • Encrypted Document: All documents store in encrypted form on server. Only system can
  • Document access control: Assign document to users or roles for specific period of time or
    unlimited period and set allow download option.
  • Audit trails: Document detail Audit trail like Who is created, edited, viewed and assigned
    permission to
    which users or roles.
  • Document Preview: Preview Uploaded files including audio, video, image, text, PDF and all
    Microsoft Office Documents.
  • Document Mata Tags: You can add multiple Meta Tags on documents and by meta tags you can
    the specific documents.
  • Document Versioning:
    You can upload the Document’s multiple versions. You can See the Older version Document and also restore it
    current version.
  • Comments: Users can add/view multiple comments on the file.
  • Send Email:You can send email attached with System Document to anyone.
  • Automate Reminder:You can set recurring Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Half Yearly,
    or Specific Date reminder in the system or on the document to get notification or email.
  • Real Time Notification:As you share Document to Users/Roles, Shared users/Roles get
  • Support Multiple Language:By default, the application comes with English, Spanish, Arabic,
    Russian, Japanese, Korean and Chinese languages. You can add a new language in just minutes.
  • Access management: Role and individual user based privilege control authorization.
  • Dashboard:You can see category wise documents statistics and Calendar with Reminder.
  • User & Role management: Admin can create User and Role via admin panel and assign role to

  • Full Source Code:
    You will get full Source Code of Document Management and build version for SQL Server and MySQL
    database provider.

Project description

This Application is built to manage the User and Document based on

It contains two application with SQL Server/MySQL database:

  • Front-end (Angular 14).
  • Rest API (.NET core 7)
  • SQL Server/MySQL Database (All version greater than 2005)

Enterprise level architect for both Front-End and Rest API.

Technical Features:

  1. Source code for angular front-end, .NET core Rest
    and Database Script includes with quick start guide document
  2. Follow the Enterprise level architecture standard
    REST API likes  
    1. Generic Repository Patterns
    2. Unit of work Patterns
    3. Uses Swagger for API documentation.
    4. Dependency Injection
    5. Mediator patterns
    6. Standard Naming conventions
    7. Token Based Authentication and Claim Based
      Authorization using JWT
    8. Less coupling
    9. Easier reuse
    10. Single Responsibility Principle
    11. Open/closed principle
    12. Easy to convert into micro services
    13. Easy to add new modules and modified existing
    14. Async/Await Patterns for Each Methods
    15. Generic way to Handle REST API Status
    16. Validate Rest Request Entity with Fluent
    17. Store Logging info into Database using
  1. Follow the Enterprise level architecture standard
    ANGULAR likes 
    1. Separate each feature modules
    2. Fully strongly type
    3. Lazy loading
    4. Common Shared Module
    5. Core Module
    6. State Management with NGRX Data
    7. Generic Service for Pagination, Filtering and
    8. Easy to add feature module
    9. Easy to upgrade into latest version
    10. Generic Error Handling
    11. Common HTTP Interceptor to set REST API URL
      Loading indicator

Technologies User for projects,

  • Front-end (Angular).
    1. Angular 14
    2. Angular Material 14
    3. Bootstrap 4
    4. Ngrx Data
    5. Toastr
  • Rest API (.Net core)
    1. .Net 7
    2. Entity Framework Core 7
    3. Mediatr 
    4. NLog
    5. Automapper
    6. FluentValidation
    7. Swagger API(Swashbuckle.AspNetCore

It can also be used as a starter template those applications need Token and Claim
based Authentication.

Application is designed for extensibility you can add your own module and Assign
permission to new modules that have been developed.

Project Requirement

  • Vs Code and Visual Studio 2022.
  • SQL Server/MySQL Database.
  • To Host Application on Shared Linux hosting it is
    required standard user account with sudo privilege.
  • The latest non-preview .NET runtime installed on

API Documentation

The API project has a well descriptive Swagger API documentation.

Log File

The Client project uses NLog (a 3rd party logger service) to generate a log text
as well it can be log into SQL/MySQL database.

Change Logs

6 April 2023: V3.1
1. .NET 7 Support
2. Bug fixes & stability improvements.
21 June 2022 : V3
1. New Feature: Document Versions
2. New Feature: Document Comments
3. New Feature: Document Meta Tags
25 Dec 2021 : V2.0
Breaking Changes
1- All Type of Document Upload and Preview.
2- Send Email.
3- Support Multiple Language
4- Automate Reminder
5- Send Email
6- Dashboard
24 March 21 : V1.0
Initial Release

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