Easy Script Copier – Extract HTML, CSS and JS ! Nulled Free Download


Easy Script Copier is small tool built to save an HTML page and all CSS/JavaScript files attached.

I built this tool to save on my PC some jQuery and Ajax scripts (sliders, accordions, countdowns, charts, …).
It works with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript files.
Easy Script Copier will change all local links to files in the main HTML file.

This tool has been built for web developers, and so it will not crawl a full website, but only one page and necessary files.
It will not save images or media, also it will not create hierarchy subfolders (all in one folder with all correct links).

Easy Script Copier is extremely fast and easy to setup : only one field to fill !
Give a look to screenshots.


Here is an example : http://www.p51labs.com/accordion/
You want this JavaScript accordion powered by Prototype framework ?
Just put the URL in the software and click a button.
Now, at the root directory you’ll find a folder with random name (and date creation), and in this folder are all saved files.


If you have problems, bugs or suggestions, feel free to ask via “Comments” section.

I tried this tool with a lot of scripts, but if you find complex scripts that dosen’t works, feel free to tell me, I’ll try to fix that  :)

Enjoy !


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