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Fully Functional eCommerce Website in ASP .Net MVC C#

eCommerce MVC is an extendable, adaptable eCommerce project developed with C# ASP .Net MVC framework. It has all the features a fully functional online shopping website requires. You can even use eCommerce MVC’s existing clean written and quality code structure to include more features.

We’ve used Entity Framework Code first approach to develop eCommerce MVC so it can support a wide range of database providers such as Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL and SQLite etc.

RESTful WebAPI Included


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I am dedicated to making this project as easy and understandable to use as I can and hope you have as much fun using it as I did developing it! If you have any questions concerning my projects, you can ask me in the comments or follow the below links. Again, thank you for your purchase.

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Change log

07-Jan-2023: V3.11
1- Support for WebP images
2- Updated product pictures gallery with thumbnails
3- Improved documentation with better navigation and FAQs
4- Updates to Nuget packages for improved security and performance
5- Minor style fixes for a better overall look and feel
21-July-2022: V3.10
1- .Net Framework updated to 4.8
2- Nuget Package target updates
3- Postman Collection for APIs
4- Detailed API Documentation with examples
12-Nov-2021: V3.9
1- Restful WebAPI included for Mobile App Development
2- Minor Bug fixes in Admin Panel
3- Updated Nuget Package Libraries
25-Jan-2021: V3.8
1- Language Packs added for Spanish, French and Turkish in addition to already added English and Arabic languages.
2- Low Stock Alerts for Admin
3- New filter for products listing by stock quantity
4- Small bug and styles fixes
18-Dec-2020: V3.7
1- Newsletter subscribers listing in Admin panel
2- Placeholder image for products with no images
3- Child categories indicator in main menu
4- Configuration form improvement in Admin panel
5- Ability to disable Languages selection when only one language is selected
6- Performance improvement for loading external references 
7- Nuget package reference updates
8- Minor styles fixes
9- Bug fixes related to category deletion, font awesome font classes, 
04-Oct-2020: V3.6
1- Marking Products as Inactive(Out of Stock)/Not available
2- Dedicated Categories menu with hierarchy in mobile views added
3- Improvement in Language Change Dropdown for mobile views
4- Minor bug fixes
28-Aug-2020: V3.5
- .Net Framework Updated to 4.7.2
- Product Stock Tracking added
- Better Credit Card Form Styling
- Dark Mode Session Variable Fixes and Style Fixes
05-Aug-2020: V3.4
1- Google Analytics Support
2- Facebook Messenger Chat Widget
3- Dark Mode Functionality
4- Better Image Thumbnails with Size Compression
5- Email Notifications for User Signup
6- Product Count issue on Categories Search fix
10-Jun-2020: V3.3
1- WhatsApp contact floating icon added
2- Links to static text pages added in footer
01-Jun-2020: V3.2
1- PayPal checkout integration
2- Invoice Printing Localization
3- Minor Style fixes.
28-May-2020: V3.1
1- CKEditor loading issue fix
2- Minor Style improvements
23-May-2020: V3
1- Multilingual Support Added
2- New User Interface for Frontend and Admin Dashboard
3- Right to left layout support added
4- New Search Filters on Search Page
5- Product Image Zoom on Mobile devices
6- Simpler Checkout
7- Updating cart items on changing quantity
8- Cart Items moved from cookie to sessions
9- More User Profile controls
10- User role logout issue fix
11- Style fixes
25-Dec-2019: V2.0.1
1- New Sale Offer section on home page.
2- More prominent product image slider gallery controls on product details.
3- Better product rating display on web and mobile.
4- Bug Fix: Mobile View - Product quantity numeric up-down field issue fix.
22-Nov-2019: V2.0.0
1- Better UI for User Front-end and Admin Back-end
2- Promo/Voucher Codes
3- Image Gallery and Zoom in features
4- Product Specifications table
5- Related Products widget on Product Details
6- Featured Products widget on Home Page
7- Sale alert section on Home Page
8- Social Logins, Password Reset Email system
9- Bug fixes
04-Aug-2019: V1.0.1
1- Fixed bug with user comments page on Admin Dashboard
2- Added multiple currencies support in frontend.
29-July-2019: V1.0.0
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