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Google Map Business Extractor is an advanced tool to extract business information from Google Map, You can extract the :

  • ⚡ Business Name
  • ⚡ Description
  • ⚡ Website
  • ⚡ Phone
  • ⚡ Email Address
  • ⚡ Address
  • ⚡ Global Rating
  • ⚡ Total Reviews
  • ⚡ Category
  • ⚡ Image Links & Download Them Locally
  • ⚡ Plus Code

Google Map Business Extractor allows you to set how many businesses you want to extract, you can also set some advanced settings like set how many seconds to wait after every scrape or extract operation, how many seconds to wait after every X scrape operation, you can set all at 0 to finish the extract process as possible.

Google Map Business Extractor allows you also to know how many businesses are being extracted, how many pages are being extracted with a nice loading design.

A new option was added to Google Map Business Extractor and is the Language, you can choose from 4 languages: English(Default), French, Germany, Arabic.

✅ Easily scraper business data, helping you quickly increase your customers

✅ Support any city

✅ Easily extract Business Name

✅ Easily extract Description

✅ Easily extract Rating & Total reviews

✅ Easily extract Phone

✅ Easily extract Category

✅ Easily extract Email

✅ Easily extract Address

✅ Easily extract WebSite

✅ Easily extract PlusCode

✅ Easily extract Image URLs & download local

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Features :

  • ⭐Safe Tool
  • ⭐Support any city
  • ⭐Support bulk keyword
  • ⭐Support delay set
  • ⭐Support Multi-threaded crawl Email
  • ⭐Extract Business Name
  • ⭐Extract Business Rating
  • ⭐Extract Description
  • ⭐Extract Category
  • ⭐Extract Phone
  • ⭐Extract Email
  • ⭐Extract Address
  • ⭐Extract WebSite
  • ⭐Extract PlusCode
  • ⭐Extract Image URLs & Download Local
  • ⭐Export to Excel/HTML
  • ⭐Modern UI
  • ⭐Fast Scrapping
  • ⭐Extract Business Images in Separated folder
  • ⭐Full Control of Extracted Information
  • ⭐More….

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Change Log


  • Use New Version Of Google Map
  • Increase Speed Of Scrapping
  • Fix founded issue


  • Use New Version Of Google Map(Some fields was removed, you can scrape them with V3)
  • Increase Speed Of Scrapping
  • Extract Place ID,Gallery Link
  • Fix issue of business scrapped number


  • Fix switch between pages bug
  • Extract category,email address


  • Fix Switch between pages errors
  • Add option : Choose Browser Location


  • Add Longitude and Latitude to Export Fields
  • Fix some bugs


  • Multi-keywords & Multi-locations
  • Export Data as Excel or HTML
  • Anti-Robot Driver Mode for Chrome
  • Support Last version of Chrome(V96)


  • Fix some bugs
  • Add Images URLs in Export Fields


  • First Release


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