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Professional data scraper for Google Maps. The application extracts maximum useful information from the maps themselves, and from the websites of organizations. Scraping is done directly from the Google Maps site. You do not need to connect to the Google API. Our scraper also has an unlimited amount of data for extraction. Just download the program, enter geolocation and a keyword to search. Then click “Start.” App will do the rest by itself.

Application extracts phone, address, hours of work, organization description, website address, and other information. From each organization’s website (if listed), our scraper pulls e-mail, facebook, twitter, youtube, yelp, tripadvisor, and other social media addresses. App also scrapes texts of reviews, and photos of the organization. All photos are saved as .jpg files to your hard drive.

The application is based on Google Chrome – it is built inside the application. One window scrolls down the list of organizations. Other windows extract information about organizations in parallel mode. You can specify a city, a region, or an entire country as your GEO location. In general, the app mimics user behavior and works as if a person were searching for some information on maps. Thus, our data scraper for Google Maps is a rather simple and flexible solution, which allows you to extract the data of organizations in a few clicks.

You can use our application for lead generation and similar tasks. We have the ability to filter organizations by rating (e.g., scrape from maps only those organizations whose rating is greater than 3 and less than 4.5). You can also filter by the presence or absence of reviews. If we are talking about reviews themselves, they can also be filtered by length. Generally speaking, you will have a number of settings that you can use to efficiently extract data about organizations from Google Maps.

Google Maps Data scraper PRO plus - extract organizations data from map

Simple application to extract data Google Maps Data - just few clicks

Scrape data and contacts from Google Maps - filter organizations by rate

Export data from Google Maps to XLSX / CSV / MySQL / JSON

Export data to XML

Scrape data and contacts from Google Maps - scrape all reviews

Scrape data and contacts from Google Maps - scrape multiple GEO and KEYWORD

What data does the program collect from the Google Maps website?

Our application extracts almost all data from Google Maps organization card. Also, the application extracts organization pictures in high-quality and saves them in JPG format.

Additional data. If an organization has a website address on Google Maps, the app will visit that site and scrape additional contacts from there. Here’s how it works. The app will follow the link to the site. Then, if it finds a link to the contacts section on the home page, it will click on that link (there should be a contacts substring). After that, the app will extract e-mail addresses, social media links, and other contact information. Detailed list of extracting data:

  • Link to the organization card on Google Maps
  • Company name
  • Total rating based on all reviews (1,2,3,4,5 stars)
  • Number of reviews
  • Price policy ($, $$, $$$, $$$$)
  • Category
  • Address of the organization, including city
  • Specified information about the location area
  • Website address
  • Contact phone number
  • Plus code
  • Working hours
  • Whether the organization is open or closed
  • Coordinates – latitude and longitude
  • Short description
  • Email (from website)
  • Facebook link (from website)
  • Instagram link (from website)
  • Twitter link (from website)
  • LinkedIn link (from website)
  • YouTube link (from website)
  • Link to Yelp (from website)
  • TripAdvisor link (from website)
  • Link to Contact Us page (from website)
  • !!! ALL reviews, including text, rate, photos
  • !!! ALL photos JPG files will be saved on your PC

Google Maps data scraper – Exporting results

Extracted data can be exported in XLSX / CSV / JSON / SQL (mySQL) / XML formats. If you click on the “Results” tab, the application shows you list of completed projects. After you select one of the projects and click the export button, application asks you to choose a directory for exporting. After choosing a directory, the application will create there a file (XLSX / CSV / JSON / SQL (mySQL) / XML) and a folder with images that were downloaded from the Google Maps.

Application limitations

First of all, we should warn you that sometimes Google Maps changes the layout of the website. In this case, our scraper stops working until we update the current version of the program. In general, this happens quite rarely, and most likely by the time you notice that the program has stopped working, we will have already made a new version of the program that can be downloaded from our website.

Additional information

This application is a simplified version of our main product – DataExcavator. ( Our main product is a universal scraper for any website. However, our main scraper has a subscription model with annual payment model. Also, our main product is much more complex. ). This application is purchased once, and performs the same functions, only for Google Maps. So, if you need to find a scraper for maps only – you can use this solution because it exactly performs these functions.

Our application does not require registration of API key for Google Maps. It works “out of the box”, “as is”. Just download and use the app.

In addition to the scraper for Google Maps, we have applications to extract data from other sites as well. Contact us if you have an interesting task. Perhaps we can help solve it.

Sometimes Google Maps changes the appearance of the page. In this case, our application stops working. We update our scraper, and upload the new version to the site. If you encounter a non-working version of the application, or haven’t updated the application for a long time – don’t hurry to get upset! Contact us and we’ll send you a new working version of the app.

The application supports Proxy servers. If you need to scrape huge amounts of data from Google Maps, or Google blocks you for some reason – we have the ability to extract data through proxy. Just enter the server data in the settings, and work with the application in normal mode, without blocking.

The app supports multiple geolocations and multiple search keys. You can enter a comma separated City1, City2, City3 and keys Key1, Key2, Key3 – the program will scrape data from Google Maps on all combinations of City+Key. This is convenient when you need to process a really large amount of data.

The app scrapes all the reviews of each organization from the Google Maps. So, literally – the app scrolls through the list of reviews (no matter how many there are), then clicks the “Show full review text” button – and then scrapes all the reviews, one by one. We also save photos from the review cards, and links to the profiles of their senders.

Refund policy

You can make a free refund within 1 day of purchase. We won’t ask unnecessary questions and will simply confirm the refund. We understand that for various reasons our app may not work for you.

Refunds after 1 day are not acceptable. They will be rejected. The only exception is if Google Maps has updated the markup and the app stops working. In this case, we can make a refund up to 14 days, or send a new version of a working application, at our choice.

Source codes policy

The application does not include source codes. You can buy them separately by contacting support and agreeing the price. The application package includes readme and a compiled .exe file for the Windows OS. The application is written in C#, .NET Framework 4.7.2. VC++ 2019 used.

System requirements for Google Maps data scraper:

  • VC++ Redistributable 2019, x86 AND x64 / Download
  • dotNET Framework 4.7.2 / Download
  • 1Gb+ RAM available
  • Free space on HDD (1Gb+); Ensure you have free space on disk C
  • Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

Success story

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Google Maps scraper - by Data Excavator team

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v. 1.18.5
+ Fixed scraping reviews (update from Google)
+ Fixed photo scraping (same update from Google)
v. 1.18.4
+ Fixed problem with extraction of organizations on the first scraping step (update CSS selectors from Google Maps).
+ Added columns "Position of orgination in search results among others" and "Order number of search query". With the help of these fields you can understand the original order of search results of organizations in relation to each other. One of the fields is responsible for the numbering of organizations. The other one is responsible for the numbering of search queries (GEO + Keyword).
+ Fixed the error of "Address" string extraction. Now the application extracts the correct address, not just a part of it.
v. 1.18.2, v. 1.18.3
+ Small bugs fixes, updating CSS-selectors
v. 1.18.1
+ A few minor bug fixes
+ The interface of the project launcher has been improved
+ Fixed problem with skipping duplicates in global mode
v. 1.18
+ Fixed a bug with export to XML format. We hope that now the problem of complex data in XML format is finally fixed. Thanks to user dweb!
+ Added search limit for organizations by segment (key+geo). Now if you are extracting data by multiple keys separated by commas, you can specify a limit on the number of organizations by one combination (key + geo). Before this change, we had only a general limit on the number of organizations, which was not always convenient.
+ Added additional substring check for "Contacts page URL substring(s)" setting. Please be reminded that you can only specify naked substring(s) in this field. It is not necessary to try to specify CSS selectors here, it will not work.
+ CSS selectors are synchronized with Google Maps. The number of reviews from users is now extracted correctly again.
+ Fixed handling of limits on extracted entities. Now the scraper only stops when the correct organization limit is reached.
+ Slightly changed the logic of locking elements within the interface. Now when the scraper is launched, all the items except the "Stop" button are blocked.
+ Fixed bug of data extraction in case of small amount of results (1-2 results for a query)
+ Fixed an error in navigating to the "Contacts" page when navigating to the websites of organizations for deeper scraping
v. 1.17
+ Bugfixes, perfomance issues fixes (minor update)
v. 1.16
+ Added the OrganizationGUID parameter, unique for each organization within a scraping session. It has also been added to exported reviews. Reviews can now be more easily mapped to Organizations.
+ The OrganizationId parameter has been renamed to OrganizationGMapsId. It has also been added to reviews. OrganizationGMapsId is unique within all scraping sessions.
+ Added export into XML format. Scraping results can now be more easily imported into WordPress
+ Added scraping the number of likes under each organization review
+ Added the ability to search for contact pages on organization websites by multiple substrings (contacts, contact, kontakt, etc)
+ Added TikTok URL extraction
v. 1.15
+ Fixed an error downloading images in some formats
+ Improved data logging
+ Fixed a few rare bugs
v. 1.14
+ The application is synchronized with the latest Google Maps update. The list of organizations now has infinite scrolling down (instead of page pagination). The problem of scraping only 20 organizations, which was observed in the last week, has been fixed.
+ Added scraping Skype, Telegram addresses from site pages
+ Added scraping phone numbers from site pages
+ Fixed a few minor bugs that were related to data limits and data filtering
v. 1.13
+ Proxy settings now work correctly
+ Filter by organization name added
+ Added advanced logging mode to solve complex situations. This allows you to quickly provide technical support in complex cases.
+ Fixed Cookie confirmation modal window (automatical bypass issue)
v. 1.12
+ Added the following data for extraction: share-link, embed-code with map (iframe).
+ Added a modal window to clarify geolocation. Now the scraping is performed not only by text GEO, but also by coordinates of the selected area. This improves the quality of the search.
+ Added extraction of information about popular organization load hours.
+ Added a countdown timer that shows how much time is left until the end of scraping.
+ Several significant bugs related to exceptional situations have been fixed.
v. 1.11
+ Added additional error handlers. Key algorithms are now protected by try-catch blocks.
+ Automatically send error information to the server.
+ Added notification feature for new versions of the app (app new release available modal).
+ The Settings section has been redesigned.
+ Added function "Do not extract duplicated companies".
v. 1.10
+ Fixed a few bugs that sometimes occurred when scraping by multiple GEOs and Keywords. 
+ CSS selectors have been improved. Now in the case of parsing data via the Internet connection with mobile devices, the data is extracted correctly and in full.
v. 1.9
+ Google has updated HTML markup for maps. We have updated the algorithms for data extraction. The scraper works as usual.
+ Added data scraping across multiple GEOs and multiple Keys. Now you can specify in the GEO field: City1, City2, City3, and in the Request field: Key1, Key2, Key3 (comma separated). The application will automatically process all combinations.
+ If Google Maps shows the "Agree to Cookie Processing" screen, we automatically go through that screen and start scraping. The app no longer hangs at this point.
v. 1.8
+ Google has updated HTML markup for maps. We have updated the algorithms for data extraction. The scraper works as usual.

Google Maps scraper - by Data Excavator team

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