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Jet – Responsive Megamenu

JET Responsive Megamenu is a menu component based in CSS and pure Javascript (no JQuery needed).
JET is fully compatible with Bootstrap and ready to use in mobile phones, tablets and desktop devices.

Pure Javascript
JET does not use jQuery or other javascript library to work.

Fully responsive
Ready to use on mobile phones, tablets and desktop devices.

Bootstrap ready
Completely compatible with Bootstrap front-end framework.

Fixed navigation
Use a fixed navigation just adding a simple CSS class.

Sticky navigation
Use a sticky navigation just adding a simple CSS class.

You can use JET like a dropdown menu, with diferent alignments

You can use JET with megamenus with diferent sizes.

Grid system
CSS grid system to help to organize the contents.

SASS code included
SASS code included to complete customization.

Javascript options
Add features to your navigation using the javascript options.

Well documented
High level documentation with detailed explanations.

Free updates
Updates, bug fixes and improvements for free


22 October 2018

Version 3.0 - Plugin redesign
New features:
- Fixed/Sticky behavior
- Flexbox support
- Pure Javascript
- Scrollspy functionality
- Button, text, search field and badge elements
- News plugin options
- Plugin callbacks
- SASS code
- Menu with icons
- Social links

18 June 2015

- Fix for correct behavior when a link has "target=_blank" 

26 January 2015

- Fix for "object window" error

10 October 2014

- Fixed bug on IOS8 devices

24 March 2014

- Fixed bug on menu width

5 March 2014

Version 2.0
- Added right alignment support
- Suport for Font Awesome icons
- Click/hover support
- Configurable submenu show delay
- Dropdowns to left or right
- Real links on dropdowns
- Added non-responsive version

24 November 2013

- Fixed bug on mobile devices

14 October 2013

- Enhancements for use on mobile devices

01 October 2013

Version 1.0
- Initial release

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