TinyMCE 4 ,5 and 6 plugin Youtube search and insert Nulled Free Download

TinyMCE 4/5/6 plugin Youtube (V3 API) search and insert

A drag and drop plugin for tinyMCE 4/5/6 WYSIWYG editor.
( Build with Bootstrap version 3 build 2 )

Search for youtube video’s, autocomplete suggestions, see a preview and insert into the tinyMCE 4/5/6 WYSIWYG editor
You can select some params like width, height, red or white version.
A great way for editors to insert youtube video’s into content pages.

The normal insert is an iframe but for programmers it is easy to make your own code to insert and replace it on the server side
Included is an image placeholder as an example, the normal iframe html5 embed and a ubb markup

If you want some jquery or php solution for the image placeholder look at the Support Tab

Key Features:

  • Look and feel like it is a native plugin
  • Easy to make your own markup
  • Drag and drop in the plugin directory
  • Youtube search suggestions
  • Your editors will love it
  • Multi language
  • Don’t leave the editor to insert youtube video’s


tinyMCE 4/5/6


This plugin uses my google V3 API key for the demo. The best thing you can do to take some control over this is get your own Google V3 API key. Get it here
You can then set your key in tinymce/plugins/youtube/js/youtube.js


Fix for single quotes (sept 2 2019)
3.0 Updated, so it can be used with the latest TinyMCE 5, 6 and the older version TinyMCE  4 (apr 28 2019)
2.0 Complete update to use the latest V3 API. Added a new youtube wrapper. It also checks if a lang file exist, if not it will use the default english lang (aug 15 2014)
1.5 Added modernizr for touch support and added option to set the sliders true or false  (nov 19 2013)
Replaced width and height for jquery sliders (16/9) (nov 05 2013)
Fixed unicode german lang file (oct 30 2013)
1.4 Added multi language support. You can use lang files to set the language. So you can now use it in a multi language cms.
Added English, Dutch and German as an example. (oct 27 2013)
1.3 Fixed small js problem with search onclick FF and Chrome and the load more (oct 16 2013)
Added insert/close and insert button and updated css background (sep 28 2013)
1.2 (sep 8 2013)
1.1 (sep 6 2013) small fixes
1.0 (sep 1 2013)


You need to write your own replacement script for saving the data !
If someone is interest I have an example how to save the image placeholder with php (preg_replace).

This is not a WP plugin but a plugin for the new tinyMCE 4 version.

Also checkout my other TinyMCE 4 plugin ‘search for Flickr images’
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